Kelly Cox-Brady

Kelly Cox-Brady


Local to Ithaca New York, Kelly Cox-Brady is creating a horticultural landscape with a paint brush. Her paintings are very much like her personality, bright, bubbly, big, with a earthly center and a realistic personality. Studying landscape design, Kelly thought she would be taking her green thumb to make plants grow. Somehow along the way of life she grew Black Eye Susans (flowers) to over 10 feet tall in her Botanical Mural in Ithaca. Quoted in Garden Designs, Kelly talks about how her education combines her passion for art. "One interesting aspect of painting botanical murals is the attention to detail that is required. Since my subjects are larger than life, many details become obvious that are easily overlooked on the actual plant. It is almost like putting a specimen under a microscope, but instead I’m painting them on walls. This is where my education in plant science comes in handy. I make sure the veins, stems and petals are all scientifically accurate." Don't you love it when science and art combine together!


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