Seattle Cops Handed Out Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

Seattle Cops Handed Out Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

While you were busy mowing the lawn or teaching your kid how to throw a baseball like a total square, the cool kids in Seattle were all attending this year’s Hempfest over the weekend, in order to “advance the cause of Cannabis policy reform through education, while advancing the public image of the Cannabis advocate or enthusiast through example.” I think that means that they want people to take the legalization of marijuana debate more seriously and to stop thinking all pot smokers look like this guy.
Another goal of Hempfest is to get pot smokers and public officials on the same page now that marijuana is legal in Washington, and the Seattle Police Department wanted to show that officers were capable of not harshing the buzz by handing out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at the event, and each bag came with a reminder that exercising caution is a two-way game of hacky sack.
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