IAMA. SF's Newest Art Museum. Free

IAMA. SF's Newest Art Museum. Free

San Francisco's Newest Art Museum is currently FREE to the public. For months staring into the window of what looks like another Rainforest Cafe, is actually the International Art Museum of America. The insides are elegantly designed, very rich with materials, wonderful natural lighting upstairs and the Oddest art collection one has have ever seen. In naming a brand new museum, mysteriously funded by a international board of trustees, the ball dropped. The majority of the Beautiful Fine Art Collection is the 16 different styles of one man, H.H. Dorje Chang Budda III. In fact one wonders if there is a American Artist in the bunch. The collection combines 19th and 20th century European art next to some of the more famous asian artist ever. Extravagant frames, catchy bios brings one to a chuckle. "How could elegance of such Fragrant Loofah in a Purple Bamboo Forest not live on forever?" or " marvel at them in a state of perplexity. Then you realize they are paints of different kinds of Jade." While being very diverse the collection is very entertaining for a San Francisco afternoon.


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