‘Batman vs. Superman’ Ben Affleck Talks About Fan Backlash in Casting

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Ben Affleck Talks About Fan Backlash in Casting

Up until now, almost every actor in Hollywood has been asked for their reaction on Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in ‘Batman vs. Superman‘ (as if their opinion mattered at all), when the one person we wanted to hear from – Affleck himself – has stayed completely silent.
Until now. Affleck appeared on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon‘ last night and talked about why he wanted to star as Batman, his reaction to the internet freak out and why his radio silence wasn’t an accident.
Affleck said that as he was negotiating with Warner Bros. to star in ‘Batman vs. Superman,’ he was prepped about what he calls “the process.” “The process” being how insane fans can get when it comes to superhero casting. Affleck told Fallon he thought he knew what he was getting himself into, previously having starred as Daredevil. He explains:
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