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Pirelli 2013 Calendar Released от mick за 29 nov 2012

Pirelli 2013 Calendar Released от mick за 29 nov 2012 (11 photo + 1 video)


Steve McCurry is an acclaimed photographer best known for his iconic "Afghan Girl" photo has taken to the streets of of Rio's favelas to capture the images for Pirelli's 2013 calendar.

The calendar is known for showing artistic portrayals of nude women, which is somethign that the magnum photgrapher steers clear of in this years rendition. Instead he opted for clothed women, including the first visibly pregnant model.

"I tried to portray Brazil, its landscape, its economy and its culture, along with the human element. This was the story I wanted to tell through my lense."

This edition includes 34 color photographs depicting Rio de Janeiro's everyday life.

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