Male Model Nikola Jovanovic Is Sexy in Any Language

Male Model Nikola Jovanovic Is Sexy in Any Language


We’re pretty sure Nikola Jovanovic’s name is the international phrase for “Uh, yes please.” This sexy Serbian model is taking over the fashion world, and he’ll be taking over as your new desktop wallpaper after you check him out. Nikola hails from Belgrade, Serbia. He’s worked quietly for a few years, but then in 2011 he landed a Gucci campaign and quickly lined up runway and campaign work for clients like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Giorgio Armani — all within a short year. He’s signed on with agencies in every major fashion city around the world, too. What I'm saying is Nikola is kind of a big deal now, guys. This beautiful model is also pretty active on Twitter, and his tweets are always really cheerful and grateful with posts about how beautiful the day is in Milan, or how happy he is, and photos of himself smiling even though he says it makes him look like an idiot. (Psst, Nikola, this is not even true. You look amazing when you smile. Or when you frown. Or when you do anything. I don’t think you could ever look bad if you tried.)

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