‘Doctor Who’ Is Back and So Is Our Crush on Matt Smith

‘Doctor Who’ Is Back and So Is Our Crush on Matt Smith


Rejoice, fellow lady nerds! ‘Doctor Who‘ returned to BBC Saturday night with a brand new episode featuring our favorite sexy time-traveling Doctor and his bow tie. There is only one man on Earth, besides Bill Murray, who can make a bow tie look cool, and that’s Matt Smith of ‘Doctor Who.’ For those unfamiliar, a quick primer: The Doctor is an alien who is like, 1,000 years old and flies around in a ship that looks like a police call box. It’s called a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) and it’s bigger on the inside, and it can travel anywhere in time and space. The Doctor is a lonely guy and he always has a companion — usually a lady — with whom to travel around and help save the universe. But what you really need to know is that the Doctor is so sexy. Matt Smith is a former rugby player who had to give up the sport due to an injury — and with no real acting background, the guy auditions for the long-running BBC series ‘Doctor Who,’ landing the part and becoming probably the hottest Doctor to date (if you’re not counting David Tennant, who was also pretty darn foxy). If you don’t watch the show because you’re thinking it’s super nerdy or whatever, you’re making a huge mistake because Smith is not only insanely cute, he’s also really charismatic and funny, and the show itself is loads of fun.

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