John Slattery of ‘Mad Men’ Drives Us MAD... Man

John Slattery of ‘Mad Men’ Drives Us MAD... Man

Yo, did you remember that ‘Mad Men‘ came back on Sunday? I'm going to keep reminding you by sharing pics of some of the show’s sexiest men, and today I'm giving you the silver fox John Slattery, aka Roger Sterling.
So maybe instead of being a silver fox, he’s a Sterling fox? Hey oh! John Slattery stars as Roger Sterling on ‘Mad Men,’ part owner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, the ad agency that serves as the focal point of the series.
Sterling is such a cad — he womanizes, boozes, and pretty much does as little work as possible while taking his share of the credit. Last season we watched him take acid with his now ex-wife, which was prettyyyyy hilarious.
Slattery is a veteran actor who’s been around for many years, and you may recognize him from ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Sex and the City’ (he was the local government guy who liked being peed on!), or ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ But we love him most on ‘Mad Men,’ where his witty one-liners and cavalier attitude about his work make him a joy to watch.
And this guy can wear a suit like nobody’s business, right?
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