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To No One's Surprise, Mila Kunis is the most F---kable Celebrity

To No One's Surprise, Mila Kunis is the most F---kable Celebrity

According to a recent poll on 'Details Magazine' Mila Kunis tops the chart for most f----kable celebrity. Even more so than her colleagues Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. At least 41% of their readers think so. What I am wondering is, where on this list is Scarlett Johansson? Eva Mendes? Megan Fox is BORING!
Mila Kunis, likely topped #1 because of her admittedly enchanting eyes, and she's a super geek. Video games and sex? Sign me up!
As far as the Men go: it's also not surprising that Ryan Gosling is number #1 since her is basically infallible and nearly perfect. He was followed by Zac Effron, Adam Levine, Channign Tatum and Bradley Cooper. Not bad.

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