Top 10 Big-Budget Porns от Marinara за 16 apr 2013

Top 10 Big-Budget Porns от Marinara за 16 apr 2013 (10 photo)


It's so much easier to make a porn film this days, it's easier to find talent, it's easier to produce, and finaly it's easier to distribute with youtube knock off free video sites like porntube, youporn, spankwire, etc. You don’t need much more than a camera, a couch and a Craigslist ad. But even in an industry where you can cut corners and get to the pounding point, there’s a craving for more than just sex-only movies. Big-budget porns have become increasingly popular and moviemakers continue to come up with creative ways to add production value to a simple sex scene. Here's a list of top 10 most expansive porn films ever made.


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