Drake Makes Men’s Fashion Look Sexy

Drake Makes Men’s Fashion Look Sexy

Who doesn’t love Drake? (Have a seat, Amanda Bynes. You too, Rosie.) The Canadian rapper and singer/songwriter makes the ladies swoon hard with the way he blends his beautiful voice with hip hop beats and rhymes.

Show of hands: how many of you were head over heels for Drake back when he went by Aubrey Graham and was on ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’? He was so adorable as the wheelchair-bound, basketball-playing Jimmy, which is why most of the time when I talk about him, I’m like, “Yeah, that new song by Jimmy from ‘Degrassi’ is awesome.” And people are like, “What?” And then I remember that not everyone has a thing for Canadian teen soap operas like I do.
Anyway, how did I miss this photo shoot from last year’s GQ Style issue? Drake gets all kinds of fashionable in brightly colored shirts and other attire, and man, you guys, he looks fierce. Not many men are brave enough to wear pink shirts — more of them should if they can, though! Especially if they look like Drake.
I stumbled across this loveliness when I woke up this morning and remembered that he’s really hot, and I just wanted to share some of his prettiness with you guys today. (You’re welcome.)


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