Tom Cruise Has Totally Still Got It

Tom Cruise Has Totally Still Got It

His personal life notwithstanding, there’s a reason Tom Cruise is still an A-list movie star.

Tom has a new flick out this weekend, which seemed like an appropriate time to remind all of you that he’s still hot. Yeah, he’s at that age where, chances are, your mom is talking about him more than you are, but you should still be talking about Tom Cruise.
Did he go crazy on Oprah’s couch that one time? Sure. Is he a Scientologist? Yeah, but don’t act like you never lusted after one of those awkward Mormon boys when they tried to sell church at your front door. That stuff doesn’t matter.
What matters is that Tom Cruise is still an awesome actor and so much fun to watch, and he’s still damn sexy. And I’m not talking like, sexy “for his age” (which is 50 — whoa). He’s just sexy, period.
And if you don’t agree, let the photos below do the talking, including a few shots of his crazy W Magazine shoot to promote ‘Rock of Ages‘ last year, where we were all, “WHAT IS UP WITH THAT BODY. YES PLEASE.”
Anyway, you love Tom Cruise. We love Tom Cruise. Go see ‘Oblivion‘ this weekend and love Tom Cruise some more.


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