Robert Downey Jr. Makes ‘Iron Man’ Suave and Sexy

Robert Downey Jr. Makes ‘Iron Man’ Suave and Sexy

There’s another ‘Iron Man’ movie coming out, which is as good a time as any to celebrate the immortal sexiness of Robert Downey Jr.

‘Iron Man 3‘ hits theaters next week, but I couldn’t wait another day to post some pics of RDJ, an actor who only seems to get sexier with age, like the fine scotch Tony Stark drinks in the movies.
If you have an aversion to superhero films, let it go — they aren’t just for nerdy dudes! Free your minds, dear readers, and head to the theater next weekend, where I promise you will have a blast watching Robert Downey Jr. kick bad guy butt while delivering witty one-liners.
What’s not to love about the guy? He had his bad boy phase, but he came out of it and was able to still be himself without having to do some nice guy reinvention. He’s still dark, he’s still sharp-tongued, and he still looks fantastic.
RDJ recently posed for the May issue of GQ, and his pics are so coy and sexy, and just brimming with that clever attitude we’ve come to love from the smart-mouthed actor. I rounded up the best ones and found a few more to please your eyes, and I think you’ll agree that he’s deserving of your movie money next weekend when ‘Iron Man 3′ hits theaters with a bang.


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