We’ve Fallen Into Cillian Murphy’s Eyes and We Can’t Get Out

We’ve Fallen Into Cillian Murphy’s Eyes and We Can’t Get Out


Irish actor Cillian Murphy is gorgeous — like, he-could-be-a-model gorgeous. But the prettiest thing about him has to be those eyes. We just can’t help but get lost in them. You may recognize Cillian Murphy from, well, a lot of movies — in ’28 Days Later’ (where you see him completely naked, hello), he plays Jim, a guy trying to survive in the aftermath of a viral apocalypse. In the ‘Dark Knight’ films, he plays Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, a bad dude who uses hallucinogenic drugs when he plays doctor. And in ‘Inception,’ he plays the son of a billionaire and the key to destroying his father’s empire for the competition. Up next for Murphy is a starring role in ‘Interstellar,’ a sci-fi movie from the cinematographer who worked on Christopher Nolan‘s films with Murphy previously (‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy and ‘Inception,’ notably). I’m pretty stoked about it, and you should be too because this movie is going to blow some minds, for sure. Murphy is an incredible and fascinating actor, and one who, in my mind at least, doesn’t get enough attention or credit for his understated performances — or for his good looks, for that matter. He’s a gorgeous dude with intensely beautiful eyes. The kind of guy who could totally be a model if he wanted to, but let’s be glad he’s got more going for him than good looks.


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