Daniel Craig Makes Us So Glad James Bond Went Blonde

Daniel Craig Makes Us So Glad James Bond Went Blonde

British actor Daniel Craig is so hot that he makes James Bond movies seem like they aren’t just for guys anymore.
007? More like 00Swoon.

I’m not sure when I realized Daniel Craig was hot — okay, I’m lying. It wasn’t because of James Bond (sorry, not sorry). It was during ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ remake, when he stands up off the bed after a steamy night with Rooney Mara’s character and his tight little black underoos reveal just a little bit of butt business. I think I gasped audibly enough to embarrass every woman in that theater. (Again, sorry, not sorry.)
Anyway, Daniel Craig is sexy, and hopefully you’re not like me and it didn’t take you 10 years to figure out what everyone else knew. Craig plays James Bond, obviously, and has done so in the last few 007 films, and will probably continue to do so until his teeth rot out. And we’re all totally cool with that.
Craig is also now married to the beautiful actress Rachel Weisz, making them one of the prettiest couples in the entire world, and I’m sure their very British convos go something like:
“Oi! What a lovely morning, milady, fancy a cup of tea?”
“Yes we are so very beautiful, gov’nah!”
“Crumpets! We’re sexy!”
“Let’s go fancy some things in a loo!”
Obviously my British is limited to Monty Python. Now let’s all stare at Daniel Craig for a while!


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