Gleb Savchenko of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Gets Shirtless on Instagram*

Gleb Savchenko of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Gets Shirtless on Instagram*


And you thought ‘Dancing with the Stars’ was for moms with wine habits — just wait until you see sexy dancer Gleb Savchenko get his shirtless on for his Instagram* account. Though he was apparently recently ousted from the show along with his partner, reality “star” Lisa Vanderpump, Gleb Savchenko isn’t going to let that stop him from being all kinds of hot. The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro is still hanging around the show, taking shirtless pictures with other sexy shirtless dancer men, and okay, I really thought this show was just for people who were really into ‘Fame’ but ended up working in accounting or whatever — I had no idea that there’s a show where men who look like this shake their hips for my enjoyment. Why did no one tell me? Savchenko is super active on Twitter and Instagram*, and he really, really loves posting photos of himself without a shirt on. And for this, we should be eternally grateful that technology has come this far.


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