Bill Skarsgard Gives Us One Very Good Reason to Watch ‘Hemlock Grove’

Bill Skarsgard Gives Us One Very Good Reason to Watch ‘Hemlock Grove’

If you’ve got Netflix, you should probably be checking out their new original series ‘Hemlock Grove,’ if for no other reason than to watch sexy young actor Bill Skarsgard.

Guys, those Skarsgard boys have seriously good genes. Handsome dad Stellan has been acting for a very long time, and we all know how sexy Alexander Skarsgard is, especially when we get to see him (and his butt) every week on ‘True Blood.’ But did you know there is yet ANOTHER Skarsgard sibling and he’s also really hot?
Meet Bill Skarsgard, a young Swedish actor who appears on the Netflix original series ‘Hemlock Grove,’ produced by director Eli Roth, who brought us such awesome horror movies as ‘Hostel’ and ‘Cabin Fever.’
Skarsgard plays the character of Roman Godfrey on the series, which follows the brutal murder of a teen girl and the hunt for her killer, but in the town of Hemlock Grove, everyone has a weird secret — some pretty supernatural ones, too. Like werewolves! Roman’s character is kinda unlikable at first, but reveals himself to be rather complex. He’s aristocratic and privileged, and has quite the sex life.
Check out some pics of Bill below, or sign in to Netflix to start watching ‘Hemlock Grove’ — all 13 episodes of the first season are available.


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