Benedict Cumberbatch from ‘Star Trek' Makes Being Bad Look Very Good

Benedict Cumberbatch from ‘Star Trek' Makes Being Bad Look Very Good


If all villains look this sexy, then maybe we need to reassess our stance on supporting heroes. Meet Benedict Cumberbatch, the super sexy bad guy from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.’ Benedict has a very important role in the film: Aside from being one of many pieces of eye candy in the sequel, he’s also the film’s main villain, a terrorist by the name of John Harrison. But he’s so much more than that, especially for fans of the older ‘Star Trek’ movies and the TV show. (You’ll see what I mean when the movie hits theaters this Friday. I don’t want to say much more for fear of spoiling you.) Cumberbatch is not only a really fun name to say, but a really fun guy to behold. The British actor has a distinct look, and if you’ve been checking out our Daily Swoon features for a while now, you’ll know that we’re suckers for guys with interesting faces. Models and athletes and muscle-bound actors can be great, sure, but man alive — there’s something about an actor who doesn’t quite fit the mold and is sexy for some not-so-obvious reasons. Anyway, Mr. Cumberbatch has been around for a while — you may have seen him in ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ or ‘Atonement,’ and he stars in the BBC miniseries ‘Sherlock’ as the legendary detective. But be sure to check him out this Friday when ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ hits theaters. You won’t want to miss him making turtlenecks look all sexy.


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