We Want to Play Doctor with Karl Urban’s Dr. Bones from ‘Star Trek’

We Want to Play Doctor with Karl Urban’s Dr. Bones from ‘Star Trek’


Damn it, Jim, he’s a doctor, not a tasty morsel! Oh wait, he’s both. Karl Urban‘s Dr. Bones character from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ makes us think we should probably get more check-ups. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ hits theaters today (officially, but you could have seen it as early as Wednesday night), so we conclude our look at the sexy men of ‘Star Trek’ with star Karl Urban, who plays eccentric character Bones, the Starship Enterprise’s head doctor, and one of the big heroes of the film. You may also recognize Urban from his role in last year’s action flick ‘Dredd,’ in which he played the lead character and sadly spent the entire film with a giant helmet covering his beautiful head. He’s also starred in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies, and lots of other action stuff like ‘Red’ and ‘Riddick.’ He’s like a total geek girl centerfold guy, really. Urban hails from New Zealand and participates in the charity KidsCan, which supplies food and necessities to over 16,000 New Zealand children. So, to recap, he’s sexy, he’s obviously into sci-fi and fantasy, and he’s into helping children. Surely he cannot be real.


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