Ed Skrein Is the Sexy New Man on ‘Game of Thrones’

Ed Skrein Is the Sexy New Man on ‘Game of Thrones’

If you were watching ‘Game of Thrones’ this week, your eye was undoubtedly drawn to mysterious new hunk Daario Naharis, played by British actor Ed Skrein. Who is this guy?!

Is there a secret cave in Britain where they keep sexy men like him and wait to spring him on us when we’re least expecting it?
This week on ‘Game of Thrones,’ we were introduced to a trio of guys who lead an army known as the Second Sons. Of the three leading men, the most magnetic is Daario Naharis, a long-haired beauty who seems more well-mannered and noble than his two compatriots.
Daario is sent to kill fierce Mother of Dragons Daenerys, but then he finds her in the bath tub (NAKED!) and he’s all, “Nah, I told those fools we need to help you, so we’re going to do that.” And he so clearly wants to be all over her body. And she so clearly wants that, too. It’s pretty sexy.
Anyway, the actor who plays Daario Naharis is Ed Skrein, an artist, musician and rapper (yep, really) who only recently moved into acting. He’s got three credits on his resume prior to ‘Game of Thrones,’ including ‘The Sweeney’ and ‘Ill Manors.’ Check him out below.


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