We Want Aaron Staton from ‘Mad Men’ to Manage Our Accounts

We Want Aaron Staton from ‘Mad Men’ to Manage Our Accounts

We know it’s been total ‘Mad Men‘ madness around here lately, but can you blame us? The guys on that show are top notch hotties, and Aaron Staton (aka Ken Cosgrove) is no exception.

Here’s what sets Aaron Staton apart on ‘Mad Men’: he’s just a bit more youthful and all-American looking than his older male counterparts. He’s not a hippie-type like Stan, and he’s not older like Don and Roger, and he’s not all petulant and miserable like Pete. He’s just a good dude trying to do his work and help the company flourish, and honestly, that boy does not get enough credit.
Take last week’s episode, for example: Staton’s character, Ken Cosgrove, takes the clients from Chevy out for a night on the town, only to be practically tortured when they shoot a gun next to his ear at a shooting range, get wildly drunk, and then force him to wreck his car, leaving him with a bum foot.
But at least he gave us a magical song and tap dance about it! (No, really — everyone was on drugs last week. It was sublime.)
So while everyone is fussing over how sexy Don and Roger and Stan are, let’s take a moment to appreciate someone who’s a little less appreciated: Aaron Staton, we salute you!


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