We’re Definitely Warming Up to James Wolk on ‘Mad Men’

We’re Definitely Warming Up to James Wolk on ‘Mad Men’

It only took most of the season, but we’re finally coming around to newcomer James Wolk, who plays Bob Benson on ‘Mad Men.’ Maybe it was those short-shorts he wore this week …

I swear, this is the last ‘Mad Men’ post for a while, you guys — I just can’t help it! Have you seen the men on this show? Every season they just add more and more sexy men for us to swoon over.
One of the newcomers to season six is James Wolk, an actor you might recognize from his work on the short-lived show ‘Lone Star,’ from his sexy recurring role on Showtime’s ‘Shameless’ as Adam, or maybe from a few episodes of ‘Happy Endings.’
Now you can catch him on ‘Mad Men’ (almost) every week as Bob Benson, the mysterious guy who works in accounts on the newly-opened second floor of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. He just sort of appeared in the premiere episode — no one knew who he was or had ever spoken to him.
Maybe he’s an investigative journalist undercover to report on the secrets of advertising! Maybe he’s a ghost! Okay, he’s probably real and it’s just that no one ever noticed him before. (But what fun is that?)
Wolk’s Bob Benson has been charming us hardcore with the way he seems to genuinely care about Joan, who’s not an easy lady to win over. If he’s good enough for Joan Holloway, he’s good enough for us. And? He’s amazingly cute.


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