‘Man of Steel’ Star Henry Cavill Is Pretty Super, Man

‘Man of Steel’ Star Henry Cavill Is Pretty Super, Man

America, meet your new Superman: his name is Henry Cavill, and he’s definitely a ‘Man of Steel.’ Prepare to swoon.

‘Man of Steel’ doesn’t hit theaters until next week, but we just couldn’t wait to let you guys lay eyes on this patriotic hunk. In the film, Henry Cavill plays Clark Kent/Superman, an orphaned alien from the planet of Krypton, sent to Earth and fostered by a lovely couple in the hopes that they can raise him to be a morally upright young man.
He does more than that, though. Seems his alien genetics have made him a bit of a super-man. Or Superman, rather.
Clark has skills! He can fly, he has incredible strength, and he can use those powers to save lives. But should he reveal himself to be different from other normal humans? Should he use his powers for good an intervene with fate? What if he’s using his powers to stop the evil of other men?
All these questions and more will be answered when the film hits theaters next week. But for now, let’s take in all of Cavill’s disarming handsomeness with these photos, which you can use as a primer on this up and coming hunk.


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