It's Kate Upton's 21st Birthday So Let's Throw Her A GIF Party

It's Kate Upton's 21st Birthday So Let's Throw Her A GIF Party

Today is Kate Upton’s 21st birthday, and as such we would like to wish our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and reigning With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year (2010-probably when she turns, like, 34 or something) the best of birthday wishes. I also hope that she doesn’t go out and drink awful mixed shots until she throws up on an Applebee’s toilet seat like I did on my 21st birthday 13 years, I mean, three years ago.
And if she does go out to have some drinks on her birthday, maybe she’ll tell me where it is so I can totally not go there and stare at her like some crazy pervert wearing a top hat and holding an engagement ring. That would, haha, that would just be ridiculous.
Anywho, to honor our special lady, I slapped together this collection of my favorite 21 Kate Upton GIFs because she is wonderful and it’s Monday, so we should start off the week in style. Happy birthday, Kate.


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