‘The Killing’ Star Joel Kinnaman Is Killing Us With Cuteness

‘The Killing’ Star Joel Kinnaman Is Killing Us With Cuteness

Every Sunday night on AMC, Joel Kinnaman‘s Detective Holder tries to solve and prevent heinous crimes on ‘The Killing.’ If only all detectives were this fun to look at.

Actor Joel Kinnaman hails from Sweden, where he starred in films like ‘Snabba Cash’ before making his way to the US and becoming a mainstay with his role on the AMC serial drama ‘The Killing.’ On that show, he plays a laid-back guy with a little street cred thanks to his days of being a troublemaker. And this season, he gets to use that experience to connect with homeless teens — and hopefully save a girl’s life before it’s too late.
You might have also seen this scruffy actor (minus the scruff) in last year’s ‘Lola Versus,’ in which he played Greta Gerwig‘s fiance, who dumps her right before their big wedding. Surprisingly, he’s really not a jerk in the movie, and he takes off his shirt sometimes — bonus.
Next up for Kinnaman is a role in the ‘RoboCop‘ reboot, in which he plays a robot cop who delivers some serious justice to a corrupt town. In real life, Kinnaman is dating actress Olivia Munn, which is just about the opposite of justice, if you think about it. (Life is so unfair.)


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