John Krasinski Makes Us Wish We Could Stay in ‘The Office’ All Day

John Krasinski Makes Us Wish We Could Stay in ‘The Office’ All Day

Long-running NBC sitcom ‘The Office‘ may be over, but our love of star John Krasinski and his adorably aloof good looks will never end.

After nine incredible seasons, ‘The Office’ finally came to an end this year. We were sad to say goodbye to so many of our favorite characters, but we were absolutely beside ourselves to let go of star John Krasinski, who played the adorable and goofy Jim Halpert for the entire run of the show.
As Jim, Krasinski gave us his signature shrug and silly faces, and we watched him grow from aimless office prankster to full-fledged man (who still occasionally liked to pull one over on Dwight).
In real life, Krasinski is married to one of the most beautiful actresses in the world: Emily Blunt, star of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Looper.’ Looking at these two together, their combined beauty is almost obnoxious.
So what’s next for Krasinski now that ‘The Office’ is over? More movies, of course. You can catch him next week as the voice of one of many animated monsters in Pixar’s ‘Monsters University.’ He also starred in two films last year — ‘Promised Land’ and the excellent indie ‘Nobody Walks.’


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