Brad Pitt Will Save Us From ‘World War Z’

Brad Pitt Will Save Us From ‘World War Z’

Good news, everyone. In the coming zombie apocalypse, Brad Pitt – the Brad Pitt! — will save us all. We couldn’t think of a better (or sexier) man for the job.

This weekend, Brad Pitt graces us with his presence on the big screen in the zombie apocalypse movie ‘World War Z,’ in which he plays a journalist who travels to different countries to try and figure out where this zombie plague started.
And he has scarves! Plus he has that hair and those aviator sunglasses, which just says, “I’m a laid-back dude who likes to go around the world, helping people in need, but I could also kick someone’s ass in a moment of crisis if I have to.” (Brad Pitt is the master of that look.)
And in real life, this swoonworthy actor is even more swoon-over-able, as he’s helped people in post-Katrina New Orleans rebuild and offered them new houses. Not to mention all the work he does with his lady love, the incredible and impossibly charitable Angelina Jolie, with whom he’s traveled to many countries to visit those in need.
The pair have used their power as celebrities to speak out about real humanitarian issues in this world, and they’ve famously adopted a few kiddos from Ethiopa, Vietnam, and Cambodia along the way.


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