Holy Crap, Neville from ‘Harry Potter’ Got Sexy

Holy Crap, Neville from ‘Harry Potter’ Got Sexy

In the ‘Harry Potter’ films, Harry has a little friend named Neville who’s kind of dorky, awkward, and mousy, and doesn’t quite fit in with everyone else because he’s a timid little thing. But you guys, that kid — whose real name is Matthew Lewis — grew up to be really hot.

What is in the water in England and when can we send things there to make them look this good?! Actor Matthew Lewis is all grown up and all grown sexy. In the ‘Potter’ movies, he was really dorky and his front teeth were adorably kind of crooked, and then BOOM. Puberty hit and gave us the greatest example of puberty doing what it does best.
Lewis got like, super hot. Possibly even hotter than Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Now he’s got this sexy Clive Owen thing going on with his strong eyebrows and gentle eyes, and that smile that could probably power your entire apartment. You look at him and you just let out a neverending “whaaaaaaaaat.”
Currently, you can see Lewis on the BBC series ‘The Syndicate.’ So maybe figure out which channel in your lineup is the BBC, okay?


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