Underwear Model + Marine Alex Minsky Wowed Us on Jay Leno Last Night

Underwear Model + Marine Alex Minsky Wowed Us on Jay Leno Last Night

Alex Minsky is a real American hero, but he’s also a real sexy American underwear model now. And last night, he was a real cutie on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.’

On the June 26 show, former Marine and underwear model Alex Minsky was one of the guests and it was adorable. He kept looking to his mom in the audience because he was so nervous! He also explained that when he lost his leg in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan, his jaw was also broken in four places.
(When Leno’s other guest, Whitney Cummings, saw photos of Minsky’s underwear modeling, she mused “I could break my jaw in four places, too.” Girl, you just did not.)
Minsky is a tattooed hunk, and we’re not sure why he didn’t start modeling before he took off for war because DAMN. Boy has got IT. Check out Minsky on Leno below, and underneath that you’ll find some delightful photos of the former marine and underwear model, posing for UnderwearExpert.


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