Daniel Radcliffe Has Gotten Quite Manly

Daniel Radcliffe Has Gotten Quite Manly

Not to be outdone by his other former ‘Harry Potter’ co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe has certainly grown into quite the handsome young man. What kind of amazingly sexy wizardry is this?!

It must be hard to distance yourself from the role that made you famous, a role you played in eight films over the course of most of your childhood and adolescence — but Daniel Radcliffe makes it look like a breeze.
First there was the saucy stage play ‘Equus,’ in which Radcliffe notoriously got naked and revealed his manhood to the world in a way that was pretty damn symbolic. Then there was the horror flick ‘The Woman in Black,’ which, in addition to being a very scary movie, also showed the general movie-going public that Radcliffe can be something other than Harry Potter.
Up next for the former boy wizard? A starring role in ‘Horns,’ an adaptation of the novel by Joe Hill, aka the son of Stephen King. So you know it’s going to be disturbing and scary.
Also, he stars in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ as renowned poet Allen Ginsberg, alongside fellow cuties Dane DeHaan, Michael C. Hall, and Ben Foster.


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