Armie Hammer Can Be Our ‘Lone Ranger’ All the Time

Armie Hammer Can Be Our ‘Lone Ranger’ All the Time

You might remember Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins (that’s Armie Hammer times two, for those of you who aren’t so good with math) in ‘The Social Network,’ or from his supporting role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘J. Edgar,’ but this week he returns to the big screen with Johnny Depp for ‘The Lone Ranger‘ — and we kind of wish he’d come save our day.

Old sexy meets new sexy this week in ‘The Lone Ranger,’ in which Armie Hammer plays the titular hero who goes on a big adventure with the help of a Native American played by Johnny Depp. It’s almost like Hammer is trying out for a role as a superhero, which we totally wouldn’t mind seeing in the future.
He’s also got that very classic Prince Charming thing going on, as evidenced in last year’s Snow White movie ‘Mirror Mirror.’ Can he just be a prince in every movie, though? Get on that, Disney.
Up next for Hammer? A movie based on the old classic ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.‘ — he’ll co-star with ‘Man of Steel‘ actor Henry Cavill, which is just some amazing internet fan-fiction waiting to happen.
Actually, can we get both Hammer and Cavill in on ‘Magic Mike 2′? ‘Cause damn.


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