Meet Liam, the Other Sexy Hemsworth

Meet Liam, the Other Sexy Hemsworth

Yeah, Chris Hemsworth from ‘Thor‘ is sexy and all, but did you know he has a super hot kid brother named Liam? He was in a little movie called ‘The Hunger Games.’ Maybe you’ve heard of it.

The Australian native has starred in films like ‘Knowing,’ ‘The Last Song,’ and ‘The Hunger Games.’ In ‘The Hunger Games’ series of films, Hemsworth plays Gale Hawthorne, a dude from Katniss’ home district who has a bit of a thing for our heroine.
But, you know, she hooked up with that baker’s son named Peeta, so we’re sure there’s going to be some drama in the second movie. (As much as Peeta is adorable and all, we’d totally pick Gale.)
Hemsworth co-starred with Miley Cyrus in ‘The Last Song,’ and the two struck up a tabloid-friendly relationship. They’re engaged but have been on and off so many times that no one’s ever quite sure what’s going on with them. That said, she’s still wearing her ring (as of this writing, anyway) so he’s officially off the market for now.
Tabloids aside, you can next see sexy Liam Hemsworth in the films ‘Empire State’ and ‘Paranoia.’ And, of course, in the shots below.
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