Actor Scoot McNairy Makes Us Want to Inch a Little Closer

Actor Scoot McNairy Makes Us Want to Inch a Little Closer

As if having a name like Scoot isn’t adorable enough, actor Scoot McNairy has the looks to match the name — and the talent, too.

He was born and raised in Texas, and started his acting career in the early ’00s with small roles in films like ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Art School Confidential.’ After guest-starring on episodes of ‘Bones’ and ‘The Shield,’ Scoot broke out with the lead role in the 2010 indie sci-fi film ‘Monsters,’ in which he co-starred with his wife, Whitney Able, and showed off his tramp stamp. (A dude with a tramp stamp has to be totally confident in his masculinity, so we support it.)
Ever since then, Scoot’s career has been taking off — he’s starred with Brad Pitt in ‘Killing Them Softly,’ with Ben Affleck in ‘Argo’ (which Affleck also directed), and in ‘Promised Land’ with Matt Damon. Those are some heavy-hitting, swoon-worthy gentlemen to work with right there.
Scoot can be seen next in the films ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Touchy Feely.’
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