‘Hunger Games’ Hottie Alexander Ludwig Poses Shirtless with a Puppy

‘Hunger Games’ Hottie Alexander Ludwig Poses Shirtless with a Puppy

All that talk of Peeta vs. Gale and who’s hotter and who should Katniss pick and blah blah blah — we seem to have forgotten about another sexy guy from the cast of ‘The Hunger Games’: Alexander Ludwig.

Ludwig recently got rid of his pesky shirt and picked up an adorable puppy for a new photoshoot for Abercrombie & Fitch. And really, there are few things as gratifying as looking at a hot, shirtless guy as he holds a cute, furry little friend. This tells us many things.
First, the removal of the shirt says, “Hey, I’m comfortable getting naked,” which means he has confidence. Second, it says, “I am ripped. Look at this body and tell me I am lying.” (He is not.) And third, by holding a cute animal, he’s saying, “I am a sensitive man, and I like baby animals, which means I like babies. Say hello to your ovaries for me.”
Ludwig played Cato, the male tribute from District 2 in the first ‘Hunger Games’ movie. Yeah, we’d fight to the death if we could hang out with this dude, too.
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