Damian Lewis, the Hunk from ‘Homeland’

Damian Lewis, the Hunk from ‘Homeland’

Whoever said redheads aren’t cute clearly never saw a picture of Damian Lewis — because that statement is simply inaccurate. The actor and star of Showtime’s ‘Homeland‘ is seriously hot.

On the hit series ‘Homeland,’ Damian Lewis plays Nicholas Brody, a former marine who goes rogue when he’s kidnapped by terrorists and turns on his, uh, homeland. He spends the first two seasons trying to outsmart a sexy but mentally unstable CIA agent, played by Claire Danes, before the two end up working together because apparently USA means nothing to this dude, but having bonkers sex with Claire Danes is totally worth some honor.
Lewis is a British actor, which you might never know if you only saw him on ‘Homeland’ — his American accent is perfect. He also starred in the recently-released British indie crime comedy ‘The Sweeney,’ and he played another military man on the HBO mini-series ‘Band of Brothers.’
Up next, you can catch Lewis in the new ‘Romeo and Juliet’ movie, in which he plays Lord Capulet, Juliet’s daddy.
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