20 Photos Of 1940's Vintage Swimwear Vs Present Day

20 Photos Of 1940's Vintage Swimwear Vs Present Day

As Bob Dylan famously once sang ‘The times they are a-changin’…
That’s certainly true when you glance back on the fashions of yesteryear. Back in the 1940′s and even to a degree in the 1950s, when it came to going to the beach modesty, being ladylike and carrying oneself with a measure of dignity was the norm. That level of decorum is now diametrically opposite to the overly sexual imagery that saturates and dominates popular culture today. There was an element of innocence and a tangible sense of sophistication to swimwear styles back then. Bold colours, playful patterns and all kind of cuts, lengths and styles.
Today, those same outfits are replaced with bikini’s little thicker than a cheese wire, that leave little to the imagination. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact you could argue it’s a progression of sorts, the inflexible conservative values of yesterday giving way to a more care-free and inclusive mindset. If you’ve got it, these days it appears you have every right to flaunt it? And really, why shouldn’t you?
But ultimately whichever era you’re a fan of, vintage or present day – beauty can often be fleeting but class?
Well that’s permanent.
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