Let’s Go for a Swim with Tom Daley

Let’s Go for a Swim with Tom Daley

British diver Tom Daley just can’t stop himself from posting sexy photos on Instagram*, and while we’re hardly complaining, we may need to cool off a bit. Does anyone else feel like going for a swim?
Tom Daley is a British diver who began diving at the age of seven and became a FINA World Champion at the age of 15. He competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he was Britain’s youngest competitor. He’s also appeared on the reality competition show ‘Splash,’ helping coach celebrities in diving techniques.
That’s a lot of success for such a young dude. Now, at the age of 19 (holy smokes), Daley is heating things up on Instagram* with tons of shirtless pics to make his fans swoon. He’s been injured a couple of times this year, and while those injuries have kept him from competing in diving events, they haven’t kept him from smiling for the camera, and for that we are so very grateful.
Check out some pics of shirtless Mr. Daley below, or head over to his Instagram* account for (much) more, including shots of his adorable kitties!
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