Matt Damon Goes Black and White for Esquire

Matt Damon Goes Black and White for Esquire

How do you make Matt Damon even hotter? With the power of a classy black and white photo shoot courtesy of the fine folks at Esquire, that’s how.
Matt is currently promoting his new film, ‘Elysium,’ which hits theaters in August. It’s a sci-fi movie about a world where the poor people have to live on Earth, which has become like a destitute ghetto filled with sickness and suffering, while all the fancy rich people get to live on a massive, shiny space station and never have to worry about dying or starving or having to, you know, try.
But then Matt Damon gets this awesome robotic device screwed into his body (ouch) that will allow him to breach the rich people utopia and bring that motha down.
Damon is featured in the August issue of Esquire, in glorious black and white photos for your viewing pleasure. The interview takes place in Germany, where Damon drinks beer and eats steak (manly!). And we love the opening line of the piece: “Let’s face it, the guy is ridiculous.”
Yeah, Esquire — ridiculously HOT.
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