Highest Base Jump Ever!

Highest Base Jump Ever!


For some the thought of jumping off of the top of a perfectly good building seems like a really silly idea. For other's it is not quite far enough of a fall and enlist the help of a perfectly functioning airplane to jump from.

Well For Felix Baumgartner jumping from an airplane is not good enough either. He has enlisted the help of Redbull and some of the most talented scientist on earth to try to break a 52 year record for sky diving set by US Air force command pilot Joe Kittinger. Kittinger jumped from a capsule at 102,800 ft oabove the planet for a record 19 mile sky dive.

If all goes well, Baumgartner will set the new bar at 23 miles. Here are some shots of them prepping for this great endeavor. Read more here.

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