Worst Quarterbacks that have been to the Superbowl

Worst Quarterbacks that have been to the Superbowl



Well kids, it's that time of year once again. The Super Bowl media frenzy has descended upon New Orleans for a week of shenanigans and debauchery, leading up to the big game this Sunday. This year, Joe "please include me in the elite QB convo" Flacco will go up against Colin "I can't believe I'm here" Kaepernick, for the NFL's greatest prize. This got us thinking, with the lack of a true "elite" quarterback in this year's Super Bowl, who are some other bench warmers and fourth round rejects who have found themselves on football's biggest stage? We took a look at the history books to find these select few, the guys who didn't have the strongest arm, or the quickest feet, but one way or another made it to the last Sunday of the season.

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