Highlights from Superbowl 2013

Highlights from Superbowl 2013



The lasting memory from this game will not be that John Harbaugh defeated his younger brother, Jim, or that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis ended his career with a championship. It’ll be that Baltimore survived an unexplainable collapse — defeating the 49ers, 34-31 — by leaning on its most dependable presence, quarterback Joe Flacco. After the black out, the 49ers were revamped and started to make an unbelievable recovery. It seemed that fate was leaning towards San Francisco's favor, since the black out happened at a very conveniant time for them. At the last minute, Baltimore was able to hold off the 49er revenge hoard. 

“We don’t make anything easy,” said Flacco, who was named the Super Bowl’s most valuable player after his 287-yard passing performance.

Today, many San Francisco fans are sad and dissapointed, but at the same time, hopeful for next season. Let's take a look at all the best Super Bowl XLVII moments. 

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