Will The A's Be able to compete in the west?

Will The A's Be able to compete in the west?

Will The A's Young Players bring continued success this upcoming season? Last Year The Athletics shocked the baseball world and won the American League West. The Oakland Athletics went on to win 98 games with 68 loses.The As' scored 713 runs while allowing 614. The A's eventually lost in the AL Division Series to the Detroit Tigers in game five of the series but that fact they made it that far shocked everyone. The Athletics are young and talented. Their Manager Bob Melvin won the American league Coach of the Year award and hopes for continued success for his young players. The American League West has stiff competition and now that the A's wont be sneaking up on people this season might be tougher. So do you think they can win the west again? I believe they have a strong chance with a great group of core players in Coco Crisp, Josh Reddick, Yoenis Cespedes, Chris Young, Brandon moss and a very talented very Young Pitching staff.
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