Micheal Jordan Turns 50

Micheal Jordan Turns 50 (4 photo + 4 video)

Micheal Jordan Turned 50 Years old yesterday. Born February 17 1963. Micheal Jordan is known as the GOAT (Greatest of all time) in NBA History. Jordan Finished his career with 6 NBA titles but he means a lot more to the game than that. Micheal Jordan was a global phenom and still is to this day. Jordan will always be remembered as the man who could fly above the rim but Jordan didn't have a week point in his game. He could dunk, He could shoot from anywhere on the floor and he was even a great defender. Off the Court Jordan still makes of $60 million annually off of his companies Shoe sales. at 50 Years old Jordan is still remembered as the NBA's Greatest player ever and I don't think that's changing anytime soon even with players close like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Keven Durant. Happy 50th Mike


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