Eagles Sign Connor Barwin To A Huge Contract

Eagles Sign Connor Barwin To A Huge Contract


The Eagles signed Connor Barwin to a massive 6 year $36 million dollar contract today. The contract is a bit of a surprise as Connor Barwin lacks the raw speed needed for the 3-4 defense which the Philadelphia Eagles runs. The move is also surprising considering the eagles signed Trent Cole to a six year 59.3 million dollar contract just last season. Cole's future with the team might be in jeopardy now withe the Brawin Signing. Barwin played for the Huston Texans the last few season where he managed 3 sacks over 18 starts. The Philadelphia eagles obviously see something they like in Connor to give him this big of a contract. This looks like a boom or bust contract to me. Only time will tell if the eagles threw away money or if this was a underrated signing.


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