Dumervil Released After Fax Fail

Dumervil Released After Fax Fail (4 photo + 1 video)

This might be the most interesting story you here during this NFL Offseason. After the Denver Broncos told Elvis Dumervil he would have to take a pay cut to remain with the team Dumervil took some time to think it over. He ultimately told his agent he was willing to take the pay cut requested from the broncos of $12 Million down to $8million. All the agent had to do was fax over the agreement by 3:25pm so it could be approved by the league office by 4:00pm. Well because of a faulty fax machine the Broncos never got the fax they needed and Elvis Dumervil was then released by the team. Now he is out looking for a job and both sides are dumbfounded over the matter.

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