UFC on Fox Sports 1 Rankings and Stats!

UFC on Fox Sports 1 Rankings and Stats!

Here’s why the main event will be fun: Because if you like Sonnen (like I do to an extent) and he wins, he’s going to turn the trash talk up to 12 now that he’s dropping back down to middleweight to chase Wanderlei Silva for that fight that they’ve never had. And he’ll turn up the trash talk beyond that, because he always talks beyond his own fights, and he’ll probably pry his way into the conversation of the Weidman-Silva II main event at UFC 168, because that’s what he’s great at and he's already doing that. And people will ask, “Why do people care what Sonnen has to say?” and we’ll respond, “Because he’s the only one with something to say. Seriously, nobody else, save for Ronda Rousey, is even remotely entertaining, and the UFC needs Sonnen yapping away.”
But if you don’t like Sonnen, and I know that’s a lot of you, here’s the best reason for you to watch this main event tonight – He’s probably going to lose. And that’s why I think that the casual sports fan can really start to appreciate the UFC, because there’s nothing more entertaining and hilarious than watching a hyped team or athlete and its fans run their mouths over and over, only to lose.
As for the rest of the card, check out our good friend, and smartest fight fan in all of these live discussions, Lobster Mobster’s handy dandy fight primer, and check out the cool new UFC fight card preview slides, complete with my very own predictions (for the first time ever, since I’m always afraid to look dumb) for tomorrow night’s UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1.
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