Carrie Underwood Brings Adorable Girl Onstage [VIDEOS]

Carrie Underwood Brings Adorable Girl Onstage [VIDEOS]

Carrie Underwood released the music video for her hit single ‘See You Again’ back in June, which featured an adorable little girl named Brooklyn running into her father’s arms after he returned from military service — and she gave the little girl an encore onstage performance on Friday (Sept. 13).

Underwood was performing at the Puyallup Fair in Washington when she invited Brooklyn onstage with her. The pair sang the song in matching cowboy boots, with Brooklyn knowing each and every single lyric.
Insert all the adorable here, there and everywhere.
You can check out that performance video above and the song’s original music video below. Just make sure you stick around to the end of Brooklyn’s duet to hear Underwood cheer the little girl on with words of encouragement and love. It’ll brighten your Monday.
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