A Retrospective On The Iconic Tattoos Of Yesteryear

A Retrospective On The Iconic Tattoos Of Yesteryear

In case you haven't noticed, from our numerous posts on tattoo's, here at LOLJam we are big fans of permanent skin ink.
But they all have one common theme (regardless of how great or shocking they are) they’re all contemporary examples of tattoo art. The real question is, where did todays tattoo artists get their inspiration from? Who influenced their designs? And is the “new” truly groundbreaking or merely a homage for the tattoo masters of yesteryear?
To answer the question truthfully, you’d have to go back to around the Neolithic times. The earliest example of a tattoo goes as far back as the fifth millennium BC when an Iceman was discovered in the Alps with 50+ tattoos in total across their spine, knee and even right ankle. They were simple dots or markings if you will, but evidence nonetheless that man has been styling his body for centuries.
It would be nice if we could bring you a selection of the very best Neolithic tattoo trends, but let’s face it that’s going to be a tough ask (even for us.) So we’ve selected some of the most interesting, extensive and iconic ink work from as far back as the 1920′s along with the genuine characters who underwent hours of pain in the chair.
Who knows, you might even find your Great Great Great Grandfather in amongst them all!
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