Cast of 'Seinfeld' Has Mixed Feelings About Drake

Cast of 'Seinfeld' Has Mixed Feelings About Drake

Drake‘s new album officially dropped today (even though all the cool kids already listened to it last week,) and we know exactly what you’re thinking — sure you’ve read the reviews, but what does the cast of ‘Seinfeld’ think of Drake?
Well, they can’t decide. At least they didn’t at when ‘Thank Me Later’ was released. We speculate that they would still have mixed to negative emotions about this new one, because they are characters written by Larry David, who doesn’t really like anything. Also, they’re talking about their friend named Drake who everybody likes, but then decides they don’t like. (Though Elaine has always been lukewarm on the “Drakette.”)
All we can say is, that regardless of Kramer’s thoughts on NWTS, we’ll be forever grateful that the album spawned these particular gems of internet genius:
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