An Oklahoma Boy Asked The News For Help To Push His Brother In A 5K

An Oklahoma Boy Asked The News For Help To Push His Brother In A 5K

There are a lot of sporting events happening tonight — the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers battling for the final wild card spot in the American League, for example — but nothing is as important as a 5K race happening at Oklahoma City’s John Marshall Mid-High School, run by a 10-year old boy and his brother.
Tobias Bass, 10, reached out to OK’s News 9 not for money, fame or a hand-out, but because he wanted them to ask their viewers if anybody had a jogger pusher he could borrow … because he wants his big brother, suffering from Cerebral Palsy, to run the race with him. He told the news about how sad it makes him when he sees his brother staring out through the window at kids running and laughing and having fun, and how he just wants him to experience what everyone else can.
This kid is amazing and you can see every piece of his heart in the News 9 interview — hell, he wants to be an army pastor when he grows up so he can comfort men dying on the front lines — and I, like the news team and everyone else who hears his story, want him to have everything he needs. Check it out:
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